Experimenting on Kids: Is Using Your Own OK?

26 Jan

I have been supporting teachers for a couple years now in trying to get content they create out of the colleges grip and into places that it can be more easily shared, consumed, discussed, and stored. In an earlier post I commented on my daughter’s use of some tools and her collaboration with others to generate content. So I will continue that conversation here with my pondering purchasing her a domain. She is 13.

Should I get her name? http://www.janesmith.com? Should I just let her figure it out or help her with safety features, drop-down menus, widgets, etc? How much should I help her? Shall I demand she put her best school work on it? What will she see it as? I have no clue, but I think it is worth seeing what will happen. I am lucky I have just enough money to do it. So I will.

With the  O’Reilly article and this venture into storytelling I am excited about what kind of story she might develop as her life goes on. Whatever she places on the site will be a story. We all know the uses of blogs as archival stories or individuals and the potential of a blog post to enlighten. How might she see it and fit it into her already pretty darn advanced use of communication and creation on the internet?

I have drawn this in sharing the idea with peers and still trying to figure out if she “needs” a “homebase” like her own domain. In some ways it goes against the structure of interconnectedness the internet (should that be “internets”) is made of. What is the best way to be in the web is to have access and skill in using, having the freedom to roam the many spaces that make up the internet? What is a blog site is more like a “classroom” effect that holds the information more than it shares or distributes it? I know, rss feeds and all make it so that does not really happen anymore, but I wonder how she will see it.

And I do think she would see it as another point in the points of light we call the internet. While I have a pretty broad vision of the internet, I think I am still guilty of reading the internet like a book. Thank goodness she will not have to unlearn all that.

So when I get paid on Friday I am going to experiment on my kid.



3 Responses to “Experimenting on Kids: Is Using Your Own OK?”

  1. Jim Stauffer (WayUpNorth) January 27, 2011 at 5:26 am #

    Love the illustration! You nailed me. I realize I waste a lot of time trying to find a linear path through the web to an objective, especially to “help” others.

    • Todd Conaway January 27, 2011 at 3:21 pm #

      Thanks. I have drawn that 10 times in the last few days trying to explain “the internet” in my new vision of it to friends!


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