All I Can Do For #ds106

10 Feb

Well, first click play and then listen while I write.

Last night in my F2F Photoshop class I shared the DailyShoot with the students. They were amazed and happy and we discussed things like discipline and resources and time management. Not to mention looking at a few of the images and looking at design principles.

Yesterday I missed my DailyShoot. I confess.

I found this website three days ago and all I do here at work is listed to the rebroadcasts. It is where the song you are listening to came from. I like listening to Joe. He reminds me of the messages I learn when I listen to The Clash. I remember things I forgot.

Today I read a @shareski tweet that commented on the challenges of a class with so much and how to find “the best.” It had me going cuz there sure is a lot of wonderful stuff on the ds106 space and how the heck do you find “what is needed” or what the best is? My thoughts are that perhaps it is less what is best or hot, but rather what you participate in that is what is most needed by you. I know that sounds lame, because what you chose to comment on may not be “the best content” there is to comment on, but you know, I think that there is something to be said for the very act of “willingness to participate” that is really valuable. That is something I am learning in this class and I think I have seen it in other conversations. You have to be IN IT to get something out of it.

Anyway, still listening?

I sure like what Joe said in words and song. And his band mates all working together to create some art. Damnit! Sure were lucky to have them around.

I think I shall submit a visual assignment that is a poem related assignment. Words and music behind them. Or maybe words and song behind them.

I leave you with that very event. From some years back.

I wonder what Joe sounds like with Jack talking and Steve playing.


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