Usually Real Optimistic

17 Feb

I am off to the Grand Canyon for three days in the morning and I am going to record the Colorado River sounds. I have no clue what I will do with them. Maybe the sound of the rapids for a few moments will be in and of itself, awesome.

I missed the “What I hate about ds106” radio show, but I listened to it twice. I laughed my head off and there is some great intelligence happening there and I hope it wanders into our futures again. When listening, I was reminded of my daughter’s use of Skype, though she is a bit more seamless in her uses of it than the four folks in that hotel room. I was also super inspired by the poems from @slefferts and the wonderful poem. So I thought I would give it a try. I am usually really optimistic and talking about what I dislike is not easy for me to do in a negative tone. The more I dislike something the more I tend to back away emotionally. Anyway, it was fun, and it is on the syllabus, right?

I was born to hate ds106

And I rant against the bava

And cogdog gaga and twitterorama

I was born to hate ds106

Because this is not really learning

I ain’t payin’ a cent

And it ain’t Blackboard, or Angel or Moodle or even a damn poodle

No rows no chalkboard, no handouts and stuff

And it certainly ain’t angelic

Jim Groom has a foul mouth even on public radio and wears headgear

I was born to hate ds106

And all that is nonlinear and chaotic

How the

Can I learn in this environment?

Where are the goals? Where is the syllabus to follow, each detail each day, each week? Where is my grade!

Where is the structure I scream?

And I was born to hate ds106

All my schooling

Helped me get it strait there was no diversion or roaming or doodling or drawing

Learning ends on the last day of school

You play during summer

College costs a fortune that is what I know and what I believe

I was born to hate ds 106 and all it stands for

And I rant against the bava

And cogdog gaga and twitterorama

All this html and commenting and pictures and links

Where is the learning in a picture?

I gotta get back to work and fill in the blanks

I am reviewing Blackboard Exemplary courses

They aint got no twitter, got no radio, got no nineties music to play

But I gotta get back to reviewing

I am reviewing

I am reviewing

I am reviewing

I am reviewing

I like what I see in ds 106

Is where I wanna be


4 Responses to “Usually Real Optimistic”

  1. rowan_peter February 18, 2011 at 12:46 am #

    Field recordings of the Colorado River sounds like a music concrete/electroacoustic artist’s drream. Can’t wait to hear the wall of sound you create from the mighty river.


    • Todd Conaway February 18, 2011 at 1:23 am #

      Well, I have never, I repeat never, taken an audio devise into the Canyon and I have told countless children not to bring ipods. Back in the day of discmans, I was tellin them no.

      But, I am going to bring my ipod with a Belkin stereo mic. This class has corrupted even my naturalistic sensibilities. Dang…

      We will hear what we hear on Monday.

  2. Jim February 18, 2011 at 7:42 am #

    I love the lyrics, but unfortunately the audio player is not playing the audio for me, any help? It is saying “file not found.”

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