I’m a pretty mild mannered guy, but

19 Mar

I want to kill these people.

I used to use the site below as an example in the English classes I taught as what can happen on the internet and why we need to look beyond the face of most sources we use. Not only on the internet, but anywhere. It used to be number two on a basic Google search for “Martin Luther King.” The damn thing is still number three if you just search the name. What kind of nightmare have we gotten ourselves into when a wonderful tool like the internet can so quickly bring such devastation to the user? I guess there is much to know about crossing the street beyond looking both ways?

Anyway, I always wanted to tear down this site. I am a firm believer in free speech, but there is a moral component to life that I fear sometimes gets lost in our desire to believe in ideals. I am sure over time people like these will wash away with the rest of the scum (reminded of Joe, via Taxi Driver, telling us, “someday a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the streets”) and others with even darker ideas will replace them. But maybe not, but I am ever optimistic. I still wanna kill them. Here is the look of the original site.

I downloaded the page and used Dreamweaver to open and edit it. Sorry, no Firebug.

The grey color and the Photoshopped look of King make the feeling less than courageous and hopeful. I thought a brighter color for the background would be nice. While some of the text is innocuous, some is less so and I thought I would change that too. The test to the left is an image, as are the nav buttons on the right. I reworked the text and image on the left but left the ones on the right save the “Jews & Civil Rights” I changed the text on the lower right too. One the original site it reads. “Why the King Holiday Should be Repealed!” and “Black Invention Myths”

I changed those.

I do not even want to link to the *%$#^*@ site here. So I won’t. And the screenshot will have to do as I am not on a self hosted site here at the pagan pirate. And I have to leave the beach tomorrow. So there. And here is a happier version and certainly more honorable and morally sound version of the site that I won’t name.


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