HOWLing a Dark Fantasy

6 Apr

I present my mashup (that I hope to improve on someday soon) in a few words I thought of and a part of Allen Ginsberg and his HOWLing and some fantasy of Fantasia and Night and Darkness sweeping across the land.

Let us pray:

Herald the Doom
creeping like seething night
tossing optimism aside like empty beer can crushed
The holiest Buk would understand had he not too
HOWLed into this dark and bright

Where have they gone?
Who will come next?

No Blake on a wild night – words line drawn and
religion pours like machinery into hearts
littering the pavement that
only wants to be fertile earth, again

No Carl my insane mentor
you saved me
one day by mishap, perhaps – certainly you knew

Only we all
losing the best moments in us
saving for tomorrow in retirement accounts
or life ever after

That was a bizarre quick poem offering tribute to Tim Doom and other remarkable humans. Allen, good work on this planet.

I was originally thinking of adding political people speaking over the Fantasia scene, like a Bush speech or a few dark dictators. I saw the dark machine running us all over and scaring us into flight. I saw the social entity we all are of, leaving ghosts and goblins behind in it’s destructive wake. But then I got HOWL in my head and I could not escape. So there you go. I downloaded the audio from YouTube video and the YouTube video of Fantasia with RealPlayer. I made video with Camtasia. I realized after I had already uploaded video that I did not trim audio to fit video, or visa-versa. Kinda lame, but this is what I can do this week. Busy and all.


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