The Pirate has a History

29 May

of writing poems. Well, he did. Here is cover to self published little spiral bound book he did in 92. I like the title. I think. I still feel like I am sitting at a window, watching the beautiful world go slowly by.

Pretty Awesome. I think the Archives may be returning to life. Perhaps not with new poems, but maybe some old poems shared here in the ds106 world. They are art, damnit!

I was inspired the other day watching @timmmmyboy and his great Aviary video for ds106 students. What a great thing when the students create content to help others. And even better when it is encouraged by the teacher! This ain’t your momma’s high school! So inspired I made my own poster but I used a few lines from one of my own poems.

Flickr photo by joshc


2 Responses to “The Pirate has a History”

  1. Jim Groom May 31, 2011 at 1:00 pm #

    Man, that image of the dog matched with your awesome poetry is genius! I like that as a series of posts, and what a cool we to revisit your own art! Bring it on, this is amazing.

  2. Todd Conaway May 31, 2011 at 3:25 pm #

    Thanks, man.

    The Pagan Pirate thing has been around for a while and I would love to resurrect the spirit of it in some shape or another. And you know, when I think of the humble beginnings of it as a tri-fold brochure of poems, I think it only existed because I wanted to share what I was doing…

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