Choose You Own Route as a Visual Novel

26 Jun

My daughter just told me about a project a friend of hers is doing involving anime and YouTube and I thought the ds106 community would like the plan. She described it as a “visual novel” and like the old “choose your own adventure” books.

I described her efforts in Anime here last fall for ds106.

A friend of hers has it in mind to create a series of YouTube videos that begin in one place and allow you to choose the destiny of the characters at the end of each video. So you watch a video and then at the end (and this will be in the “video info” section) you will choose the next steps of the character.

What is really cool is that this the creator of this story has asked that several others, including my daughter, help create the videos. So the “story” is being created in video which is composed of  images, motion, and audio (the singing) and each “chapter” is a group effort! How cool is that!

I like that is a group project and there are multiple ways that each participant can be involved in the creation of the work. Digital Stories!

And I wonder if at some point each person involved with want to create their own piece of the story to add alternative directions the story may go?  Who knows.

The description of the channel created for the story is as follows:

The story follows you as the main character who has just come to a new town. As you progress and meet friends you learn about the different hardships each character has been dealing with along with their abnormal personalities. While meeting new friends one day while staying late at school you see a girl staring out the window, you’ve never seen her till now. She continues to stare up at the sky and the only thing she says to you is “What are the stars to you?” After that unusual things start to happen, accidents happening, people missing and each day stars keep vanishing from the sky, what does it all mean…who was that girl…

The story was inspired by the Vocaloid song ARiA

Here is the the introduction or some part of the beginning.


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