August 2013 GIF Challenge #5 “Where is Alan?”

5 Aug

The August #headless GIF challenge numero five is to re-invoke a former (not the right word for #ds016) student. The challenge was started by a doll. I just have to do things like this.

We have seen sonic burst in ds106. Some are lasting, some are fleeting, and some have never left. It doesn’t matter. When I think back to powerhouses of creativity I think Alan Liddell. I visited his blog for the first time in a year today and it was all kinds of really wild looking math. Given my fears about numbers and mean math teachers, I panicked at the sight of the stuff. But it was easy to see that he is still using a writing platform and expressing himself in this space. #ds106 caused some of that.

So back in the Summer of OblivionĀ Alan created some videos recalling the old theater style. It looked like news propaganda from the WWII era. He did some in black and white and it was just really amazing. He chronicled the wayward Dr. Oblivion and the ds106 nightmare that was the Summer of Oblivion. It was magic.

Here is a playlist of several of the videos.

Hey Alan, if you are out there and read this, we want you back. For a day, a week, the whole headless (dare I say semester) event! We know we have your heart forever as you have ours.


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