Hello Headless Wonders!

27 Aug

Hello all you headless wonders!

Here we are, in this most amazing of places, the internet. The internet is powered by humans and in it’s greatest moments, powered by human emotion. No no no you say, it is all plastic and electricity and metal and glowing screens. Well, I say, “Not!” It is a phantamical gyrating blob of humanity spread for better or worse across much of the landscape.

And here we are. Mixed into the mess all headless and heedless and full of daring-do! What a lucky bunch to connect with and spend a moment with and make art with love and fury.

Let us embrace the community we have gathered and will gather and long even for those departed. Let us communicate our fears and anxieties, our longings and our dreams that we may better help others become greater visions of their finest and most noble aspirations!

Here are some of my ah, issues, described in words and scrawls from my very first ds106 assignment dated 12. 22. 2010.

pirate story

March on you headless ones. Go! Go! And be Great!


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