Don’t Get Yer Head Knocked Off In Bootcamp

30 Aug

You know there are a lot of reasons to quit when the challenge gets great. You know, like making a blog and adding plugins and all that stuff. And it is challenging. It does take time. It is not easy-peasy.

But what of great worth is?

I hope that any of you new folks to the class are willing to ask for help and if you do I hope I see the request. There is a great group here with serious technical skills that can and will assist. And this group is friendly. Real friendly.

So don’t let your head get knocked off. And if it does, screw the darn thing back on and keep going.


Headswapping Without Reading the Story

28 Aug

You know how sometimes you don’t really read the whole story? You only get part of it. Like sometimes it is the last part. Well, that is what I got from the whole @IamTalkyTina headswap thing. I totally missed the part about the babies and dolls. I also missed the part about a #dailycreate and I thought they were talking about an assignment. So I did what came naturally and put Tina’s head on the only body that can really hold such a head: Godzilla.

I should have paid attention, but the result was, well, pretty fitting given the little dynamo and her powers of, of, ah, well, you know what I mean. So There was also an invitation to add a headswapping assignment to the assignment bank. I did that. It is located here.

Here is my submission. I call her Godzina.


Hello Headless Wonders!

27 Aug

Hello all you headless wonders!

Here we are, in this most amazing of places, the internet. The internet is powered by humans and in it’s greatest moments, powered by human emotion. No no no you say, it is all plastic and electricity and metal and glowing screens. Well, I say, “Not!” It is a phantamical gyrating blob of humanity spread for better or worse across much of the landscape.

And here we are. Mixed into the mess all headless and heedless and full of daring-do! What a lucky bunch to connect with and spend a moment with and make art with love and fury.

Let us embrace the community we have gathered and will gather and long even for those departed. Let us communicate our fears and anxieties, our longings and our dreams that we may better help others become greater visions of their finest and most noble aspirations!

Here are some of my ah, issues, described in words and scrawls from my very first ds106 assignment dated 12. 22. 2010.

pirate story

March on you headless ones. Go! Go! And be Great!

One More

16 Aug

I saw this yesterday when I did the other poster and I did not have time to do it. But I did this morning. Here is link to larger image.


Poster for Domain of One’s Own

15 Aug

I guess I missed the call but I heeded it when I heard it. So here we go.

This is from this movie. It is an image by Ben Huber from the Castle for Cagliostro movie. I like the minimalist look and it made it easy to alter. I searched for a castle movie poster thinking that a castle kinda represented the whole “one’s own” part…


Happy Childhood Memories!

8 Aug

Well, you know how childhoods can be. So I did have some fantasy characters, but most of them are not really appropriate for this venue. So I will go with the other prevalent theme in my childhood: Terror.




Jim Dancing the #ds106

6 Aug