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Haunted by “Make Art Damnit”

24 Jan

So there I was, being there, as usual. Sitting in an easy chair, watching the ds106 hashtag stroll by. So much beauty. So many opportunities for art.

So I start humming, softly at first, “Make Art Damnit.” It rolled around my noggin like golfballs in an empty paint can. Clunk. Clunk.

I started wondering what others think art might be. Like, do some people see lamp shades as art? Poodle poop? Hairstyles? What is this art?

So I figure I’d ask some folks. I asked this guy, Paul Ewing. He makes art. This kind. Really beautiful stuff. I remember the day I met him.

“Hi, my name is Todd.”

“Hey, I’m Paul”

“Looks like you take a lot of pictures?” He had a camera around his neck.

“Yeah,” he said. “Want to see some?”

Five minutes later I was sitting in his office and I was wearing these 3D glasses and he has music playing and I am staring at all these wild images on his computer screen.

We have become good friends.

Here is what Paul thinks about making art, damnit.